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Connect with MSCO members, work together on projects, and develop essential leadership skills.

Being part of a committee is just one of the many perks that come with being a member of the MSCO. MSCO Committees collaborate to advance the strategic vision of MSCO and improve the field of oncology through a range of initiatives. 

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Advocacy Committee

This committee is responsible for determining and addressing any issues related to cancer care and clinical research. Identifying areas for potential advocacy intervention, considering advocacy strategies, and providing general coordination and oversite of state advocacy activities as appropriate. This committee also educates and updates society members on events, activities, or grassroots efforts related to legislation that affect, or may affect in the future, the practice of oncology within the state.

Early Career Physicians Committee

The committee functions to provide a forum in which members of MSCO with special interests pertaining to early career oncologists can develop a knowledge base, share information, receive, and give counsel, and serve as a resource to others interested in this area of oncology. This committee consists of physicians within the first five years of practice, students, and fellows from each institution within Massachusetts. The committee will assist in coordinating activities such as the annual poster competition, newsletters, and specific programs for early career oncologists. Committee also provides a forum whereby the needs and concerns of trainees and young physicians are brought forward to the President and Board of Directors.

Membership Committee

This committee conducts inquiries and makes decisions as to questions of membership involving members of the Society or applicants for membership in the Society. This committee also helps to recruit and retain members for the Society including the expansion of the Society membership to include other oncology professions.

Payer Advisory Committee

This committee addresses and advocates for appropriate payment, reimbursement, and cost-related issues of oncology services. The committee, alongside legislative counsel, works at the state level and maintains communication with payers regionally including BCBS MA. The advisory committee shall have no legal authority to act for the Corporation but shall report their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Program Committee

This committee plans, coordinates, and implements the Annual Meeting. The committee also addresses the general educational concerns of Society by developing and arranging programs (CME, Educational workshops, etc.).

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