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The Massachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists is a statewide association of oncologists and physicians who treat cancer patients.

Since its establishment in 1985, MSCO has been dedicated to safeguarding and improving the quality of cancer care and treatment in Massachusetts through professional education, advocacy, and patient awareness and resources. As a state affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, MSCO comprises more than 1,000 hematologists and oncologists from a variety of specialties from over 70 Massachusetts practices. Today, the need for a recognized, credible, cohesive, local "Voice of Oncology" to fight for the progress of cancer therapy remains.

As part of the society's mission, we strive to provide a wide range of activities and services to professionals working in the field of oncology. MSCO is an excellent resource for physicians who want to further their professional education or who need technical assistance and support with third-party reimbursement issues. Cancer professionals in the state rely on MSCO not only for up-to-date information on cancer treatment and healthcare trends but also because they know they can rely on a dependable voice to advocate for the interests of their practice and their patients.

The Massachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists flourishes due to the devotion of its leadership, the participation of its members, and the support of its sponsors. MSCO is able to be recognized as the trusted voice of oncology in Massachusetts by staying the "great neutral" among an array of groups with competing agendas. All society participation decisions are made with the goal of providing advocacy, supporting clinical research, and educating our members in mind. Staying true to our goal has kept our members loyal and solidified our position as an advocate for enhanced cancer care.

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